Web & Mobile App Development


08 Jan 2020


08 Jan 2021




Web & Mobile App Development


Built an "Enquiry to Order" system which tracks leads that are converted to customers and their orders used by the internal teams to structure their possible follow up with the customers about enquiries, quotations, and final processing of the order.

Designed an informative, easy to use, customer facing integrated 'mobile-app/website system' using AWS and Java to help them understand their Customer Journey through the processes of making enquiries, negotiating quotations, and finalizing the order.

Designed and developed the e-commerce marketplace to showcase over 1.5Lakh products effectively, and boost sales, all the while being user friendly and maintaining modern visual standards.

Created a centralized dashboard to track, summarize and visualize the progress on existing enquires and quotations while also keeping record of the historical enquires and their progress to help the Sales team better understand their customers and improve their performance.