Web Development & ERP Solutions


20 May 2021


08 June 2021




Web Development & ERP Solutions


Design and develop the ERP System to facilitate in quick turnaround times for potential customers including a sub system which would help in generating quotations to the customer reducing the turnaround from 2 days to an average of 4 hours.

Created an all-in-one web application combining 8 different subsystems to track each project from customer lead tracking to design finalization and final handover to the client on site all the while keeping the processes smooth and efficient for all employees to use across the company.

Revamped their website fast tracking the visual presentation to meet modern standards and be more user friendly.

Created a customer facing mobile-app and website where the customer could design their own home using some preloaded functions / designs and get an idea on how their potential purchases might look in the end.

Built the "Business Intelligence Dashboard" to provide a companywide overview of sales/costs/ inventory tracking at different timelines.